Friday, September 24, 2010


Time: 12.00pm
Location: USM Swimming Pool

First and foremost,we are really sorry because we are forget to capture the moment at the site. This is because we are busy assemble the craft.Our craft was testing at the old swimming pool.The detail of the site can refer to this address; detail of the site is changing at last minute due to the condition of the track.That location is only took around 10 minutes to reach there from the HBP.During the pool,I-Nur Liyana was not test the craft together with my groupmate due to 'urgent case'which I cannot tell. I am really sorry for that. At the same time, I personally would like to thank you to Miss Syafiqah Sodikin for her willingness to replace my place.Really thanks a lot my friend...:-)

Next, we thanks a lot to Mr. Wan Burhanuddin Wan Abidin because his idea with this assignment really teach us a lot. It teach us that the theory is not same as the reality. We can be play with the theory but not the reality of life. Besides that, the 3P (People,Place.product) really help us in finding what actually the group works meant not only for group survival that was thought by PM DR SR Mastura. Thanks a lot once again to Mr Wan Burhanuddin for giving us this joyful and nice experience.

Done by: Siti Rohani Binti Isdris
               Nursriafitah Binti kasnon
               Nur Liyana Abd Malek

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Location: Indah Kembara

Our final touch before we going to the site.

*****Foto by: Nursriafitah binti Kasnon
Done by: Siti Rohani Isdris
Editting by: Nur Liyana Abd Malek

We are tie the tyre at the bottom of the base

At the beginning, a chinese driver not allow us to bring the craft in the bus. So, we looking to another bus. Alhamdulilah we in
This is how the tyre was tied
Everybody that come into the bus very obvious with us.hehe...
By the way the guy inside this picture is Rahim who help us in bring the bamboo to the site. Thanks a lot Rahim...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Location: Indah Kembara

The process of making the roof is carry on.. :)

***** Foto by: Nursriafitah Binti Kasnon
Done by: Siti Rohani Isdris
Editting by: Nur Liyana Abd Malek

This is the hole that we made it to tie the two bamboos for the roof
We cutting till the middle of the bamboo to make the hole

We cut the horizontal line to strengthen up the rope with the bamboos

This is the way of we put the rope in the bamboo

This is how the bamboo is been tied up

This is how the roof is tied up by using the bamboo and rope

This is how the bamboo is been tied up

this is the shape of the craft after we combine the base and the roof

Monday, September 6, 2010


Location:I ndah Kembara

Early in the morning we are continue the craft. We are tied up all the base tonight.

****Foto by:Siti Rohani Binti Isdris
Done by: Nursriafitah Kasnon
Editting by: Nur Liyana Abd Malek

We are tied two bamboos by crossing each other

We using green rope the dimension is around 0.3cm

This is how the bamboos was arrange before been tied up
This is the edge of the bamboo

This is the base that is done. Simple..

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Date: 31 august 2010
Location: Indah Kembara

Tonight we only done cutting the bamboo for base and roof.
*****Foto by : siti Rohani binti Isdris
Done by: Siti Rohani Isdris
Editting by: Nur Liyana Abd Malek

This is how we cut the bamboo by using the steel saw

This is how the bamboo's base is cutting
This is the view of the bamboo that on the wat to be cut

Nursriafitah cutting the bamboo

This is the 'ulat' we found in the bamboo. We don't know what type of it...

We only cut the bamboo before or after the 'ruas' due to easy to cut :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Date: 24 August 2010
Location: Sg Dua Street

We bought a few materials that we are need to be used in order to finish the craft. The location of the shop is one row with Tesco Extra around 100meter from USM.

**** Foto by Nursriafitah Kasnon
Done by: Nursriafitah Kasnon
Editing by : Nur Liyana Abd Malek

The uncle is measuring the plastic transparency

This is a various rope type of rope that can be used.
This is the view of the shop
We are looking for a few things
Only the transparency plastic with the length of 14" we bought it.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Date: 13 August 2010
Time: 9.00pm
Location: Indah Kembara

At the beginning we are deciding to take the bamboo from the bamboo site at USM. After a few discussion then we finally choose to buy the bamboo from the supplier.We only bought 10 bamboos and the price for each bamboo is RM4.00 for every 12 feet.The supplier reach at the Palapes area around 5pm. Unfortunetly,  we only took all the bamboo at 9.00pm this is regarding of the meeting that we cannot avoid it.

***Foto by Nur Liyana Abd Malek
Done By:Nursriafitah Binti Kasnon

We took all the bamboo at the PALAPES's place and put it at the back of Indah Kembara


We really sorry because cannot provide a lot of pictures due to tiredness.